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Call Atlanta Business Circulators Today! 770-424-7769


Our services are all aimed towards improving your marketing plans and ensuring your return on investment is maximized! We provide single order fulfillment to marketing agency partnerships – solely based on what you need and when you need it. Our services include:

Direct Mail Fulfillment

ABC has full mail house capabilities for high speed addressing, folding, inserting, variable mail merge printing, postal rate reduction, and a positive post office delivery experience. Our company is founded on excellence in customer service and quick turn around times for mailings of all sizes. For jobs under 20,000 pieces, ABC will finish your job within three business days; typically, we can do it in one or two. Though our data management / technical mailing support department we will help to ensure you get the lowest postage rates available through C.A.S.S certification and presorting of your data, using state-of-the-art postal software.


ABC can provide printing services that aim to create memorable pieces for your audience. From digital color to gang run press, we can produce your artwork to the highest of quality standards. We are eager to work with you early in the printing process, too, to ensure you understand the technical requirements in order to properly design pieces for printing and distribution.

Digital Advertising

Modern marketing requires that advertisers think about mailboxes and computers. A full effort on your part balances print and mail with new digital media to fully reach your target audiences. Our team has years of experience in creating digital messages for our clients, most importantly in concert with direct mail marketing. Our state-of-the-art platform allows us to specifically target your mail lists for digital advertising, as well, ensuring that your ad dollars are not wasted on generalized audiences or “geo-fenced” populations that might not have an interest in your product.

Design and Photography

One of the most difficult parts of any effective direct mail marketing piece is deciding what it looks like. Design standards are always changing, and most importantly, your tastes must influence the way your piece looks. We have designers and a photographer on staff to ensure your piece is done well from concept to delivery. Our team is committed to ensuring your marketing efforts reflect industry standards for modern, elegant, and effective direct mail pieces. We can also easily coordinate your direct mail with social media and digital marketing efforts.


Consider your target audience first. Think of using direct mail as the best way to reach them and then think about asking ABC to help you. We can provide mailing lists and help you determine very targetted criteria to help you communicate with just the right people. ABC can help you obtain saturation mailing lists which offer the lowest postage rates available. This method keeps your costs for mailing low and lets you reach people near your location.

Social Media

Business owners constantly wonder how they can be the next viral sensation. Social media management, much like running a marketing program, takes an investment of time and creativity in order to maximize it’s potential. It isn’t simply “posting” a photo and letting the platform do the work. Furthermore, social media platforms are advertising platforms, so understanding how you can create organic growth and properly utilize marketing budgets is what our services focus on.