Call Atlanta Business Circulators Today! 770-424-7769

Call Atlanta Business Circulators Today! 770-424-7769

How long have you been in business?

Atlanta Business Circulators (ABC) has operated in Georgia since 1981; the company has been in the same production facility for over 30 years. ABC is a privately owned, family company priding ourselves on our customer service, quality of work, and fast turn-around time.

How many clients do you service?

ABC serves over 300 customers per year in direct mail marketing, digital marketing, and strategy consulting. We deliver over 2,000 direct mail projects to area post office facilities annually. We also partner with printers on projects who sell mail services as part of their service packages. Other customers include notable universities in Atlanta, area museums and attractions, numerous trade associations, and many businesses seeking to reach out to existing and new customers.

How large is the facility?

ABC operates out of an 11,064 square foot facility in the Pickens Industrial Park three lights north of the Big Chicken in Marietta.

What direct mail marketing equipment do you use?

ABC uses two Buskro addressing machines, and they run up to 16,000 pieces per hour. We also have a Kirk Rudy Winkjet that addresses at speeds of 20,000 per hour. ABC has black and white two-sided printing capability of all forms of documents including integrated variable data utilizing a Ricoh Afficio 1350. We also have a variety of folding, automatic insertion, and support equipment that help us maintain high-quality services and low prices.

How many pieces do you push per day/week/month?

ABC delivers over 1,000,000 pieces of mail to the post office every month, with capabilities of delivering more.

How many pieces is the average job size?

An average size job is approximately 5,000-10,000 pieces. However, we routinely smaller jobs as few as 1,000 pieces. As well, we deliver jobs that number up to 500,000.

Do you provide services other than mail house production?

We provide information services including database management and list scrubbing services, kit making and fulfillment, digital advertising, social media management, and photography for many customers.

How many total full-time people do you employ?

ABC employs 12 full-time staff. Our staff includes an information services manager, marketing consultants, a photographer, and a driver. Our company features over 100 years of combined professional experience in the industry with a staff of eleven. ABC has access to and utilizes flex personnel when needed who are experienced in the direct mail marketing and shipping business.

What’s the typical turn-around time on a job?

ABC distinguishes itself through its quality of work product, customer service and turn-around times. For jobs of under 20,000-30,000 pieces we tell our customers that we will turn their jobs within three business days, and typically do it in one or two.

Do you have on-site storage facilities?

Yes. We have over 3,000 square feet of space available for customer inventory with over 50 customers currently storing materials for repetitive jobs on our shop floor.

Can you elaborate on your QC policies and procedures?

ABC maintain consistent processes throughout production. All jobs go through a well-defined production process, and our facility is always improving process management and efficiency.

Quality starts with work order preparation through customer intake. All jobs are distinguished by a work order number and a customer number. No job begins without knowledge of job specifics including piece specifications, a postal class for mailing, quantity, and location of mailing, the timing of the job and expectations for payment of postage. With this information, we always wait for a piece to arrive before processing the data. Once the piece, data, and instructions are complete, we will fulfill a job. Signoff and counts are noted by each person who touches the job. The operations manager performs quality checks periodically on each job and must sign off on the quality of completion of each job by reviewing whether all steps were followed.

Describe your hand-work and fulfillment capabilities? Are there volume parameters?

ABC currently is engaged in fulfillment work that includes kit making and pack and ship activities. This includes creating and shipping three-ring binders of information, packaging items or literature in boxes for shipping, as well as polybagging items for mailing or shipping. Examples include a southwestern themed box filled with straw, a belt buckle and a sales promotion postcard inviting them to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a week of fun. Another example is 17,000 hand packed calendars with a 50 page product catalog in an oversized envelope.

ABC has full UPS capabilities including high speed printing of shipping labels for large quantity jobs.