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Call Atlanta Business Circulators Today! 770-424-7769

About Atlanta Business Circulators

Atlanta Business Circulators (ABC) has operated in Georgia since 1981; the company has been in the same production facility for over 30 years. ABC is a privately owned, family company priding ourselves on our customer service, quality of work, and fast turn-around time. Your projects will always be treated with a high degree of care and personal attention by our dedicated staff.

ABC serves over 300 customers per year in direct mail marketing, digital marketing, and strategy consulting. We deliver over 2,000 direct mail projects to area post office facilities annually. We also partner with printers on projects who sell mail services as part of their service packages. Other customers include notable universities in Atlanta, area museums and attractions, numerous trade associations, and many businesses seeking to reach out to existing and new customers.

ABC operates out of an 11,000 square foot facility in the Pickens Industrial Park, just north of the Big Chicken in Marietta. Our staff includes an information services manager, marketing consultants, a photographer, and a driver. Our company features over 100 years of combined professional experience in the industry with a staff of eleven. ABC has access to and utilizes flex personnel when needed who are experienced in the direct mail marketing and shipping business.

About the Owner

Robert Lee has a long record of business experience prior to owning and operating Atlanta Business Circulators. He successfully led the reorganization of the quality system for a global manufacturer of PCB assemblies and its registration under the ISO 9001 family of quality standards. Later, he managed manufacturing programs that serviced major home appliance manufacturers and other applications using production facilities across the globe. Rob is also a certified internal process auditor, earned a Project Management Professional certification in 2011.

In 2011, Rob relocated his company to Georgia where it still operates to this day. Lesix Media LLC is a marketing and management consulting agency that has helped a variety of non-profit and public advocacy organizations achieve their goals, including using direct mail and digital marketing. Rob an avid soccer fan and a season ticket holder for Atlanta United. Rob lives in Dallas with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and cat.